Sunday, April 3, 2011

We're Here!

Most of you probably know by now but if you haven't heard we made it to Bolivia last Thursday.  It's kind of hard to believe!  We are all so thrilled to be here and our kids are all doing very well thus far.  We arrived early last Thurs. morning and were greeted by some missionary friends who picked us up at the airport. We were all very tired - especially our oldest son Aidan who didn't sleep a wink on the flight here.  Since we couldn't check into our hotel until noon we were invited to our friends The Porter's home to rest and visit.  Both Aidan & Jude conked out on their couches for a few hours that morning. We've been settling in some at our hotel in the heart of the city.  Our bags are just laying all around the living room of the apartment/hotel we are in.  It's a spacious apartment layout with two bedrooms, living room, full kitchen with pots, pans, utensils and silverware!  We were able to see a potential rent home the first day we arrived which was great!  We decided to go with this home and paid our first month's rent yesterday and got the keys to the home.  We hope to share some pics soon. We will be trying to get moved in this week.  We will have to completely furnish the home with beds and all appliances (fridge, stove, microwave, washer).  Pray for us as we begin the hunt for at least all of our mattresses tomorrow and possibly a fridge.

Our second night here we were invited to a birthday party of a fellow missionary who we already knew and we met several other missionary couples there.  Our kids made a lot of friends as well which was a huge blessing!

Thanks to so many of you who kept up with us through Facebook as we posted updates on our trip here (in Panama) and for so many of you who have been faithful to pray for God's guidance and provision in this adventurous journey we're on!

Financial Update:
We have gained a little more support but still need about $600 more in monthly pledges to reach our goal.  If you would like to give you can click here to learn more about what to do to give.  If 25 people gave a pledge of $24 per month then we'd reach our goal.

Thanks again for your interest in what we are doing as we represent Christ to the people of Bolivia.

More to come soon!

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