frequently asked questions

What kind of work will you be doing in Bolivia?
-Initially we will be partnering with a local church called Cochabamba International Church – CIC (which is a bi-lingual Bolivian church with many people from different nationalities) and helping serve with the student and music ministries. Three main areas of focus for the first 2 yrs. will be:
1) Culture adjustment - (finding a home and getting settled, learning the ways and processes of Bolivia)
2) Spanish language study (initially in formal classes, possibly private tutors later on)
3) Building relationships

How Can I find out more about Bolivia?
-Click here to learn more.

How much does it cost to live there?
-The exchange rate is 7 to 1 from the Bolivian dollar to our dollar. In general, the cost of living is lower than in the states. The dollar goes a long way here, which is a blessing. However, not everything is cheaper! Some things are equal to or more than the states,  some things are significantly cheaper. Here are a few stats just to give you an idea of how much things cost:
Rent for our 3 story, 5 bedroom home = $450/month (significantly less!)
Groceries for a week = $200 (about the same)
Gasoline = $1.50 per gallon (an estimate....significantly less!)
Eating out at a family mid-range restaurant (modern American style) = about $30
Eating out at a Bolivian "fast food" restaurant = $10
A movie ticket = $3.50 per person
*DOWNLOAD this support letter and look in the Monthly Living Expenses box on page 2 by clicking here.

How do I begin giving to support you?
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The Botanical Gardens in Cochabamba, Bolivia