Sunday, April 7, 2013

The clock is ticking

This will likely be the last post we make from Bolivian soil. From south of the equator. The countdown is on - we leave Bolivia exactly 3 weeks from Tuesday on April 30. Our flight out of Santa Cruz technically leaves on the first of May, but it's at 2 in the morning. We leave Coch in the evening on the 30th. Our Despedida has been planned (going away party), the invites sent out, 2 garage sales down, one more to go. Pick up day is scheduled for those who have bought furniture and other large items. The suitcases have begun to make their way out of storage. This is such a grueling, tiring process. We are NOT looking forward to leaving Bolivia, but we are so ready for this part of the transition to be over. We are heartbroken at the thought of saying goodbye, but we are overjoyed at the thought of saying hello to family and dear friends back home for the first time in over 2 years!! We already have a packed schedule upon immediate return. I'm not sure when life will slow down for us! We are so blessed to be able to spend a week in Florida as soon as we get back, just chillin', relaxing, regrouping as a family, and having some fun in the sun on the beach. We plan to spend the month of May traveling throughout Texas visiting family and some friends. Once we arrive back to League City, we hit the ground running! Lowell begins his new ministry position at Lifepoint Church on Sunday, June 2.

We have been praying for a place to stay for our first month back, since our current tenants in our house will not be moving out until the end of June. We have a strong possibility at this point, but nothing set in stone. Please pray that God would provide a place we can be comfortable but yet not be a burden on anyone else. We are looking forward to moving back into our old home and neighborhood come July! Not sure how many of you remember several years ago when we were trying to leave to come to Bolivia. The main thing holding us back was the fact that our house just would not sell! After 10 months of waiting and wondering if God really did want us to go, we were able to lease it, which in turn released us to be able to come. What an incredible blessing that we can now look back on - God didn't allow our house to sell for a good reason. He knew we'd be coming back. He had HIS plans, and we had ours :o)

We covet your prayers as we prepare these last 3 weeks to leave. It is so overwhelming but yet we know in the end, it will all get done! Pray that we can have some sweet closure time and that all loose ends would be tied within our ministries at the church, our home, with the sell of items, and travel plans. Pray for all of the relationships that we were able to build and cultivate to continue after we leave and that God would send others behind us, as he had sent others ahead of us! God is doing some very, very cool things here in the city of Cochabamba, and we look forward to sharing with all of you what we were allowed to experience and be a part of. And hope to continue being a part of.....

We will be holding an Open House of sorts for all of our friends, family, and supporters in the Clear Lake area once we return and get "settled". Be on the lookout for that invite and information. last time, from Cochabamba, Bolivia -

Lowell, Shay, Aidan, Liam, Jude, and Olivia
Eating breakfast at the coffee shop "Alexandar's" in La Paz, Bolivia

Some precious tiny girls from the region of Potosi were left alone to dance and make money. Lowell and I both were grabbed by them to come dance! 
At the Valley of the Moon outside of La Paz
On the shores of Lago Titicaca in Copacabana