Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tickets Purchased

It's official - we have a departure date of Wednesday, March 30, 2011.
More to come later!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 2011 Ballew Mission Update

Reality Setting In
"I don't wanna go to Bolivia... and I don't wanna learn Spanish..." - were the words that our 4 year old daughter Olivia said the other night to her brother Jude in a sad, pouting tone.  Jude said - "but you will like it there and you will make new friends, and it won't be all that bad... and we are going there to tell people about Jesus..."  I was amazed and so proud to hear these words as I was in the next room listening in as Jude comforted his little sister as the reality was setting in to her of what we were about to do as a family.  This is why we are going to Bolivia - to share the love of Jesus to those who need to hear as we partner with a local church in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia. 

Duplex/Next Steps
Well we made it in to our new duplex 2 weeks ago and are enjoying it.  We are so blessed to have this cozy, comfy place.  We are very grateful to our friends for letting us use it.  Lowell has been winding down his music lessons with his students which has been harder than expected - to tell many of these young students goodbye. We are currently working on getting some paperwork together for our 1 year. visa - which is much more tedious and time-consuming than we expected.  All of our birth certificates and and marriage license have to be certified by several state, and federal agencies.  It looks like this could take 6 weeks or longer.  Once this is complete we can then book our flight to leave.  Please pray for us in this phase as we prepare to leave as well as tying up all the lose ends on so many details.  Lowell needs to sell his car - pray a buyer comes along for that as well.

(front of duplex)

(Aidan upstairs working on math)

(kids rooms)

(kitchen, dining area - Liam & Jude working on school work)

Thank You
We want all of you to know that we could not be on this journey to go serve and support the local church in Cochabamba, Bolivia without your prayers and financial support.  We are very grateful for so many of you who have given sacrificially to help support our family in this effort.  We realize that God our Provider is ultimately in control and meets our needs as He sees fit and as we have need.  He has proven faithful every step of the way in this entire process.  If you feel led to give a one-time gift or pledge a monthly amount toward our mission efforts then we welcome your gifts as we still strive to reach our goal.  Click on the give tab above for more details on how to give a one time gift or make a monthly pledge.

Praying For You
We want to be able to pray for you as our support team and welcome any and all requests.  As you pray for us we also want to be praying for you on a daily basis.

Grace and Peace to you all,
The Ballews
(Shay, Lowell, Aidan, Liam, Jude, Olivia)