Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Opportunity Strikes Again

We are super excited to let you all know that a great opportunity to go on mission has presented itself once again! Our new church, Lifepoint, has had its sights set on Costa Rica for some time now. They have prayed and waited for an open door and a perfect opportunity to go on mission there. Not long after we returned from Bolivia, a family from Lifepoint, The Dawsons, whom we've known for almost 15 years, was praying and preparing to journey to Costa Rica on a vision trip. They'd known for a while that God was calling them, nudging them, pushing them to go. All of the cards fell into place and doors swung open wide. They left in July 2013 for Tamarindo, Costa Rica, to explore what ministry opportunities might lie waiting for them there. The original plan was to stay for about 2-3 months to get a good "feel" for the country, culture, language, and needs there. Thankfully, Scott was able to work from there, so their flexibility was definitely in their favor. After more than 8 months, they are still there and loving it! The Lord has connected them with a local church, Iglesia Casa Vida, that has already planted two new churches in neighboring villages, one of which is Playa Azul. 

Lifepoint has planned to take a team of 12 down to Tamarindo and Playa Azul this summer, July 3-12, to help with various projects that Iglesia Casa Vida has planned, including a VBS for the kids and beachfront ministry outreaches. Lowell is leading this group, and I (Shay) am very excited that Aidan and I will be able to join him and be a part of the team! Why not the whole family, you ask? Unfortunately, this is not a family mission trip, but a church sponsored one and is only open to 12 adults (although we do have three mature teens going with us). We have agreed to let Aidan go, but he is well aware that he must raise his own money in order to go. As the leader of the team, Lowell's way is paid which is a huge blessing. I must raise a total of $1,500 to pay my way - which includes airfare, food, and lodging.

I'd love to once again involve each of you in being a part of God's great mission! All of you have so generously supported us as a family in the past and I am humbly asking that you consider financially supporting me as I prepare to go once again to foreign soil to minister to latinos. I knew coming home from Bolivia was not the "end", but only a beginning of new and different opportunities that the Lord has for me and our entire family! I am so happy that He has chosen to use us once again so soon after returning from Bolivia.

Would you prayerfully consider giving a one time gift, a monthly gift for the next four months, or simply lifting myself, Lowell, Aidan, and the other 9 team members from our church up in prayer? Please pray for all of us as we raise our funds, prepare ourselves spiritually and mentally, and grow to know one another better as a team. Also, please pray for the The Dawson family as they prepare for us to come and for the people that we will encounter while in Costa Rica. We all thank you in advance for your continued support of us as a family and for the incredible ways God chooses to use us for His glory. Please send in any financial donation to the address below and be sure to write: "Costa Rica Mission Trip/Shay Ballew" on the memo line. All contributions are tax deductible. I'd love to hear from you - please let me know that you will be praying by commenting here, or writing a quick personal email or private message on facebook.

For God's Glory -


Mail donations to:
2450 E. MAIN ST. #H

MEMO: "Costa Rica Mission Trip/Shay Ballew" 

For more info about Lifepoint Church and the Costa Rica mission trip, you can visit our website at www.cometolifepoint.org