Friday, April 30, 2010

"when our house sells"

The biggest question we get is "when do you guys leave for Bolivia?" and our answer is "when our house sells". So we just want to let everyone know that we would appreciate you saying a prayer for our home to sell soon so we can move forward. We know God's timing is perfect and that we are in a unique season right now. We are enjoying a lot of quality time together as a family as Lowell is no longer employed at the church and is at home until we move. Other than continuing to teach a few guitar and drum lessons Lowell is spending as much time with the kids and Shay as possible. We have also been going on mini trips to see friends and family to say our goodbyes before we move (hopefully sometime this summer). We have our last scheduled trip to Brenham, Frost, Dallas/Mansfield/Denton area coming up May 6-14. This will be a time to see a lot of family and friends and we are looking forward to it! If you live near any of those areas and would like to try and see us let us know. Thanks again for keeping up with us - we covet your prayers and friendship!

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  1. Lowell,

    It was great running into you the other night. Here is John's blog: My blog is very original (or not...its my name) Hope to run into you again soon,

    God bless you brother,